We’ve seen horses in bars and and sheep being raced like horses, but no video will have you laughing as much as the “bull”-dozing of this grocery store in Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo.

One from the RTÉ archives, it was a normal, quiet day in the Mayo supermarket until an unexpected visitor turned the aisles into a rodeo.

Escaping from the cattle mart taking place in the town that day, a young bull burst into the store, desperately seeking his escape from the poor farmer traipsing after him, while staff did their best to keep out of the way.

“He came in the front door, straight into the store, turned around, had a good look and went straight back out again and I couldn’t believe my eyes," said John Cummins from Supervalu Ballinrobe.

"He came the whole way from the mart, the whole way up the town, in here, out of here, and the the lads put him into a field. It could have been such a bad luck story, somebody could have been hurt, so much damage done, everything else. To get away so lightly, is unbelievable but it's not every day people can say they had fresh beef in a shop as fresh as that!"

There’s a meaty twist, however, when the bull turns on his hoofs and runs back in the direction of his captors in scenes reminiscent of the bull-runners in Spain, only this time involving a farmer in wellington boots.