Her name is Skye Gracey, but you may know her as the “funny 2 year old shouting at her mummy for laughing while she was singing.”

The Belfast tot took the internet by storm in September with her (actually pretty frightening) threats to her mother, who was laughing while Skye sang “Let it Go” from Frozen. Her warnings, in a thick Northern Irish accent, very starkly contrast her lovely princess costume and tiny curls.

What starts as a fair enough “Will you stop laughing” quickly escalates into “You’re going to choke if you laugh at me.”

“I’m warning you!” she tells her giggling parents, “you’re being a very bold girl. I’m going to bust you in a minute. Be very careful now!”

There are a lot of varying reactions to this precious yet unforgiving little girl’s response. Of the nearly 8 million viewers, some think it’s hilarious and cute, but there have been concerns over the fact that she could just be repeating what she hears at home.

“Do you want to get sent to your room and go to sleep by yourself?” She asks her mom, who just can’t keep it together. “Nobody will ever see you ever again. You’ll go on the naughty step and the man will take you away.” Yikes!

Her parents, Elena and Mark Gracey, deny having any such influence on her.

“They’re only seeing a glimpse of how Skye’s getting on in that video, and to us it’s funny, because to us it’s unusual,” they said in an interview.

“Any kid can pick up anything; it’s her choice how she’s going to pick things up. And we know that we’re teaching her right. Generally she is a very, very good girl. She is polite and she’s been taught to have manners.”

Check it out for yourself (and select the option for subtitles). What do you think?: