Viewers were in hysterics when a clip of several men in their 20s parading around in nothing more than a pair of boxer briefs for the 1977 Ballybunion Bachelor Contest went viral online.

Viewers were also left stunned by the ages of the contestants. For example, a contestant named Eddie, described as the "strong and silent type," was introduced as being 23 years old, despite looking at least a decade older. 

Incidentally, Eddie's main selling point was that he could drink a pint in under 2.5 seconds. 

Charles, a 25-year-old quality control manager with a "big interest in current affairs," also strutted his stuff on the stage. 

Meanwhile, a contestant named Peter showed off his "great wiggle."

The Ballybunion Bachelor Contest walked before Love Island could run...

— 📻 Ed Smith 📻 (@EdTodayFM) June 10, 2022

Viewers were left astounded that the contestants were aged in their mid-20s.

"The one that’s 25 looks almost 40 I swear," one Twitter user said. 

"IN THEIR 20'S???" said another.

"Did we just age quicker back then?" Another Twitter user asked. 

Several people claimed that the men simply looked older because of their sideburns, while one person claimed that everyone looked old in the 1970s, "even the babies". 

Former Irish soccer player Andy Reid commented that each contestant looked like they belonged in an episode of Father Ted, while other Twitter users said they were "lost for words". 

It really has to be seen to be believed.