Feline fanatic Erin McShane is pulling out all the stops and has established an online fundraising campaign in hope to open the very first cat cafe called Little Lions (how adorable!).

The idea originally came about when Erin first moved to NYC and was living with a roommate who was unfortunately allergic to animals. She was unable to have a pet and realized “how many positive benefits there are to pet ownership”.

With that in mind she set out with the idea to establish a cafe that will provide a homely place for human folk to play with some feline friends. The cafe would serve mainly tea and a limited selection of coffees so there will be no loud coffee machines to scare the little kitties.

McShane plans to work with Anjellicle Cats Rescue and Animal Care and Control to take in 10-20 adorable little cats and kittens. She hopes that Little Lions will “help raise awareness and facilitate adoptions for some of the thousands of cats in New York City that need a family”.

She has began her online kickstarter to meet her fundraising goal of $65,000 and once she finds a suitable location in the lower east side she hopes everything will be on track for Spring 2015.

Proud of her Irish heritage, Erin’s feline loving ancestors once hailed from Cork. She explains that being Irish means the world to her and growing up our home was full of Irish music and as 1 of 5 children, there was always someone to listen!

To help make the dream become a reality check out Erin’s fundraising page here and get donating!

We here at IrishCentral will be first in line at the cat cafe next Spring. Until then here’s a cute cat video that will make your heart melt.