Nothing gets in the way of the Irish having a good cup of tea, not even Storm Jonas and almost 2 ft of snow.

Washington D.C. may have had the fourth greatest snowfall the city’s ever seen whitewash their monuments this weekend, but Storm Jonas did nothing to stop these two expats from stepping outside to enjoy a cup of tea, a cigarette, a biscuit, and a chat.

Joseph O’ Toole from Westport in Co. Mayo and Patrick Fahey from Ballycotton in Co. Cork took advantage of the empty streets to plant their table slap bang in the middle of the road and talk about a topic very dear to the Irish heart – the weather.

“You wouldn’t put a milk bottle out in it all the same,” remarks Joseph as they warm up their poor, gloveless hands around a steaming mug, with wind and snow battering the city around them.

They even imply that President Obama himself enjoys a nice cup of Barry’s. Controversial choice, lads, controversial choice. If he could run for President a third time he may have lost a few votes from Lyons fans for that.


#stormjonas #blizzard2016 #irish #barrystea Cup tea and a biscuit, Patrick Fahey. Michelle McCarthy

Posted by Joseph O Toole on Dé Sathairn, 23 Eanáir 2016

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The cleanup is ongoing in the northeastern US following a weekend of heavy snowfall that left at least 24 dead.

Beginning on Friday evening, Storm Jonas offloaded 26.8in (68cm) on New York City causing a travel ban to be implemented and canceling hundreds of flights.

The storm has since made its way to Ireland where it has produced heavy rainfall and strong winds.

H/T: Irish Examiner.