A tweeting dog from Co. Cork named Vimes (@VimesTheDog) plunged 300ft from the Lookout Point cliff in Co. Clare and survived completely uninjured.

The adorable and widely loved family pet (with a great sense of humor) got too close to the edge of the Dunlicky cliff last Sunday, lost his footing and fell off into the Atlantic.

At around 3:30 pm on Sunday, an onlooker alerted the Irish Coast Guard marine rescue sub center at Valentia Island in Co. Kerry, and the volunteer service immediately launched its rescue boat and set out to find the dog.

Initially unable to locate Vimes in the water, the coast guard personnel were astounded to find him sitting ashore at the base of the cliff. He managed, on the long drop down, to avoid hitting the face of the cliff as well as the rocks by the base. Uninjured, the resilient pup swam to shore.

I'd like to give a massive thank you to my new heroes @KilkeeRescue for saving me yesterday when I walked off a 300ft high cliff. #legends

— Vimes the Dog (@VimesTheDog) August 4, 2014

A Coast Guard spokesman told the Irish Times, “We made a plan to recover the dog and did so successfully. The dog didn’t appear to be hurt but was happy to see us. We brought him back to our base in Kilkee and reunited him with his owners.”

The dog has a substantial following on Twitter, and his profile information was recently changed to: “A tweeting dog, from Cork. Yes I did actually once walk off a 300ft cliff into the Atlantic.”

His owners, who were on a honeymoon in Italy at the time, tweeted: “We go away on honeymoon for one week and @VimesTheDog ends up on the news?”

We go away on honeymoon for one week and @vimesthedog ends up in the news? http://t.co/SFWs9b3OFL

— Deirdre OShaughnessy (@deshocks) August 4, 2014

A photo of Vimes relaxing on a cushion was also recently tweeted from his account with the caption: “Taking it easy now! Me when I’m not adventuring and causing a small maritime crisis.”

Taking it easy now! Me when I'm not adventuring and causing a small maritime crisis. pic.twitter.com/RpDob9Nkam

— Vimes the Dog (@VimesTheDog) August 4, 2014

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