A pair of tiny, adorable fox cubs were rescued from a derelict house in Wicklow.

Last week someone put in a call to the Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit warning that the two cute cubs had been on their own for more than a day inside the house in Arklow, Co Wicklow.

The sweet cubs, estimated to be nearly three weeks old, were quickly rescued and brought to a foster carer in Dublin, BreakingNews.ie reports.

The wildlife rescue unit shared a video on social media of the cubs lapping up milk. The Facebook post said: “These are a little brother and sister – the female is a petite 353gms (12oz) and the male is a slightly more robust 394gms (14 oz).

“Their eyes are open and their little wobbly gait tells us that they are probably nearly three weeks old.

“Aren't they just beautiful?”