Two swans wandered across the train tracks in Dublin, causing disruptions to rail service during rush hour.Twitter/@LeMarquisOfAndy

A couple of swans delayed rush hour traffic in Dublin earlier this month when they decided to wander on the train tracks near the Aviva Stadium at Lansdowne Road. The mischievous two swans delayed traffic for a half and hour.

According to, the incident happened just before 5pm when Irish Rail reported on Twitter that there was a “cygnet fault.”

A few people had a hard time believing that swans could cause so much rush hour chaos.

Rail employees finally managed to clear the rogue swans so commuters could get on with their evening.

The trespassing swans caused such a disruption that the rail service made a trailer for a film about the two birds, the “notorious White Bird Gang,” which caused widespread havoc in the city. 

The holiday hit, titled “Fly Hard,” was jokingly directed by Steven Swanberg and produced by Swan Lake Productions.