If an Irish person loves you, they’ll sing you a song, because sometimes saying it just isn’t enough. Just ask the New York Mets playoff superstar Daniel Murphy, who has found himself the object of an impassioned viral video tribute song this week.

Irish actress and singer Maxine Linehan decided to honor Murphy with a few verses of her own set to the air of the Irish traditional song “Danny Boy.”

It was a gesture of appreciation for the player with a record seven postseason home runs. To get ready for the World Series this week the actress and singer put on her Mets shirt and cap and sang a rendition of “Danny Boy” for the ages.

The video, shot on the rooftop of a building in Times Square, was posted to YouTube on Friday and today it has over 150,000 views. This Friday, though, it may have millions of fans if Linehan is invited to sing it at the Mets’ home, Citi Field, when the World Series against the Kansas City Royals moves to Queens.

“USA Today have just written that even if you’re not a Mets fan lets hear this ring around the stadium for the World Series,” Linehan tells the Irish Voice. “It’s crazy! I think that might be a lofty goal.”

Or not. It’s no secret that Linehan has megawatt talent and this seems like as good an introduction to the public as any. What could be better for Mets’ fans than an impassioned celebration before the game begins?

“'Danny Boy' is on my new album 'Beautiful Songs' and I give a much more serious rendition of it there, but I never wanted to sing it. I always thought it’s too clichéd for the Irish girl to sing that. But when I put it on my album and in my show everyone told me it was their favorite thing,” Linehan said.

It’s a song Linehan never paid much attention to, but now it’s become prevalent in her life, she says.

“I was walking past the newsstands last week and I saw the headline one of the newspapers read Oh, Danny Boy with a big picture of Daniel Murphy. Suddenly the song was everywhere.”

Linehan’s husband is music producer and Mets fan Andrew Koss. “I said to him that Murphy is inspiring a lot of love and he seems like a very humble individual. I suggested we do a version of the song and dedicate it to him,” Linehan said

What happened next was beyond their wildest imaginings. The tribute, filmed above Koss’s recording studio, became a social media phenomenon. “It blew my mind. 70,000 people have clicked like on my Facebook page,” says Linehan.

“Kemberly Richardson interviewed me on WABC News last night. She asked, ‘Everyone is talking about your voice and they are calling for you to sing at the World Series. Are you surprised?’”

But Linehan probably isn’t, because she’s no flash in the pan. She’s a critically acclaimed performer who has already sung at the Town Hall, Lincoln Center, 54 Below, the Metropolitan Room and Birdland, and has three solo albums under her belt.

Meanwhile, Linehan will perform "What Would Petula Do?," a tribute to legendary British singer Petula Clark, at New York's Metropolitan Room at 34 West 22nd Street at 7 p.m. on Monday, November 2. For tickets call 212- 206-0440.