Irish fans are renowned as being some of the best in the world and will go to extraordinary lengths to display their loyalty to club, county and country.

From window flags on cars and bunting coming off every point imaginable of your home, to wearing every single item of county color clothing at one time to Championship matches, GAA fans don’t leave you with any doubts about which county they’re from.

Are there still further lengths we can go to, however? Surely, there’s some other way we can make sure we display our county pride no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

With thanks to a UK company, you can now get behind your home county even while sporting nothing but your tighty whiteys.

Just in time for father’s day, you can buy your favorite GAA fanatic this season’s must have county colors accessory. Optimum Sports are currently expanding their range of personalized team color underwear to include all of the Irish counties.

From next week, you can place a order for a pair of Optimum’s “Tackle Trunks,” in county colors with your county’s name written on the back and assert your pride even when you’re down to underwear.

There are more practical reasons for the underwear, or course. Tackle Trunks are designed specifically for high contact sports players who wish to protect their most prized body part in a tackle. “It’s all about the tackle!” as Optimum say.

No need to stress about how your Dad owns a county jersey, shorts, socks, windbreaker, hoodie, zipped jumper, training t-shirt and every other possible accessory. We look forward to his reaction to this Father’s Day present.