On your deathbed, what will be the things that you wish you’d done differently? Will you look back on you life and wish there were things you could change or will you take the bad with the good?

Two Irish teenagers, David Strogen (16) and Alec Delaney (17), delve into the inner thoughts and feelings of passersby in Temple Bar in Dublin as they pose the question “What is your biggest regret?” in this short film that examines people's outlook on life.

Shot in the summer of 2014, the video is based on the work of director Kamil Krolak,who runs the series “Fifty People One Question,” traveling to different cities to pose difficult questions to each city's residents. You may remember the previous video shot by Krolak in Galway City which asked the very same question.

The honesty of strangers will surprise you as you learn of both the heart-warming and heart-breaking tales weighing on their minds.

What is your biggest regret? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.