Want the secret to a long life? This Irish trick will do you the world of good, according a a 100-year-old woman.

We’re often reminded that drinking is bad for our health, but according to one 100-year-old Florida woman, as long as you only indulge in the good stuff, it could help you add a year or two (or several more) on to your life.

We'd always argue that there’s no better whiskey than Irish whiskey and while we previously thought our bias was just getting the better of us, the son of centenarian Bobbie Arrasmith thinks that having a good dram of Irish every now and then has done her the world of good.

On October 7, 2017, Arrasmith celebrated her 100th birthday, receiving over 3,000 birthday cards after she appealed to the public to see if she could just break the 100-card mark. Speaking to Northwest Florida Daily News last September, Arrasmith was asked what was her secret to living such a long and healthy life, to which her son Richard joked that it was “Irish whiskey and men” that kept her so young. It’s not known whether the men need also be Irish for this to be effective.

“I don’t feel like 100,” she said.

“I’m pretty healthy. They take good care of me ... I take one day at a time and I thank the Lord in the morning for that extra day.”

Born in Ohio in 1917, World War I was still underway and Woodrow Wilson was President when Arrasmith first started out in the world and she’s kept herself busy over the last century with a great deal of arts and crafts, working in a supermarket, and raising two children, seven grandkids and 13 great-grandkids. She lived in Ohio for the majority of her life, only moving to Florida in 1992 with her son.

Having put out the call to receive as many birthday cards as possible, Arrasmith was greeted with an even greater surprise on her birthday in October 2017 when Fort Walton Beach Mayor Dick Ryanearson, his wife Janey, and the members of the city’s fire and police departments rocked up to the driveway of her home to deliver their own celebratory messages. The mayor even declared October 7, 2017, “Bobbie Arrasmith Day!”

By this time she had steamed through her 100-card request and at last count had reached 3,060 cards from 35 states and two countries.

Congratulations, Bobbie! We may be tempted to give this Irish whiskey and men lark a shot.

What is your secret to good health and a long life? Would you give Irish whiskey and men a go?