Irish music is 'Music from Ireland' – not just traditional Irish music. That's called... traditional Irish music!

In Ireland, we have an abundance of great Irish music of all genres, but there comes a point when it's hard for an artist to get heard.

Why? One of the reasons is because Ireland lies between two of the biggest music markets in the world, and our music gets a little drowned out.

You listening to, sharing and following PLAYIRISH USA helps enormously. If you've discovered a new Irish song/artist you like, we wanna know, so do tell us.


Keywest (Dublin)

The hardest working independent band in Ireland. As well gigs, you will catch them singing on the shopping streets, on Killiney hill, they just love performing!

Roisin O (Dublin)

Daughter of Mary Black, brother of Danny from The Coronas, Roisin O's talent is all her own. Stunning voice.

Jack O'Rourke (Cork)

"Cork singer with oodles of soul, blues and jazz, all wrapped up with a striking modern pop bow", The Irish Times. Jack O'Rourke is one of Ireland's most exciting new emerging talents.

O Emperor (Waterford)

“The Waterford band’s debut, Hither Thither, will one day be re-evaluated as one of the best Irish debuts of all time. On their follow-up (now minus the major label backing), O Emperor again artfully display complete originality, ever-progressing creativity and plain old fashioned musical brilliance.” Irish Times – Albums of the year – ****

Spies (Dublin)

This five-piece band are still in their early twenties and have sounded like seasoned professionals since their first release.

Bitch Falcon (Dublin)

“Kicks a whole load of tight rhythmic ass and that’s enough”.- Nialler9

“It’s loud, beefy, played with a freedom, energy and enthusiasm that is totally engaging and jolts you into a mode where the tried and tested formula of two guitars, bass and drums feels exciting all over again.”- Una Mullaly, The Irish Times


We've cheated a little, only 1/3 of this band are Irish, BUT, that third is Mr Marc O'Reilly who we love, and we know you will too. 

Not Squares (Belfast-ish)

Just 3 guys who wanna make you dance. Can you handle that?

Grounds For Invasion (Galway)

Electronic pop with a generous helping of metal, post-rock, industrial, disco, funk and techno mixed in.

The Mighty Stef (Dublin)

The Mighty Stef have an extensive touring and recording history that has earned a cult following in Europe and The US.

IASCA is the Irish Association of Songwriters, Composers and Authors. Based in Ireland, their members are the Irish music writers of all genres - artists, songwriters, composers and lyricists. Their goal is to represent their members, support them, protect their interests and create an environment where new talent can thrive.PLAY IRISH is an IASCA initiative to promote Irish music both at home and overseas. This playlist is brought to you by the IASCA, visit their website here: