The second richest person in Northern Ireland is the Virgin Mary. Well not exactly, but Roma Downey who plays the Virgin Mary in the smash hit ‘The Bible’ is worth a whopping $456 million according to the Belfast Telegraph.

That puts her just behind No.1, the former Eddie Haughey, now Lord Ballyedmond, a pharmaceuticals mogul who is a heavy donor to Britain’s Conservative Party.

Roma is married to Mark Burnett, the king of reality shows and clearly most of the income earned by the couple is through him.

Roma however was a huge star in her own right when she met the former British Army paratrooper. She starred in the massive hit ‘Touched by an Angel."

The husband and wife team most recently produced "The Bible,”  the most successful mini series ever broadcast on the History Channel.

Burnett also produced “Celebrity Apprentice” and the granddaddy of them all, “Survivor,” among his TV shows in production. He and Roma are set to make a blockbuster production of The Bible into a movie.

Downey is a Derry native and devout Catholic who supported her fellow Derry person Martin McGuinness when he ran for president  of Ireland in 2011.

Other famous names on the Northern Ireland list include former Formula One driver Eddie Irvine, now a property developer in Florida, and Ted Kelly, former CEO of Boston-based Liberty Mutual. Both are worth around the $100 million mark.

Roma Downey as the Virgin Mary in the History Channel's "The Bible"History Channel