Soundwave, the free Android and iOS music app heralded as the ‘Instagram of music’ moves to make music chat and sharing easier with the latest major product release launched to all existing and new users today. Backed by Mark Cuban and ACT Venture Capital this Irish success story maintains that the focus on product and keeping users at the heart of all decisions is one of the keys to success. This latest product release is one of the most significant releases since launch to the market in June 2013. The significance lies in one of the most requested and rich features that Soundwave have added to the product – group chats. The release also features new design, additional product features and easier usability for Soundwave users. Soundwave continues to prove that they can keep momentum and stay at the forefront of innovation and design at HQ in Rathmines, Dublin, Ireland. Soundwave has just recently celebrated its 1st Birthday since the launch to the Android and iPhone markets on June 20th 2013. This launch to market was significant because not only was it released on Android and iOS and it was also localised into 12 different languages thereby allowing the user base to grow worldwide organically.

Aidan Sliney – CTO with Team Soundwave maintains that “we continue to remain focused on the product and continue to keep our users at the heart of all iteration decisions.” Aidan, CTO also remarks on the awards the team has achieved to date “Having received the coveted Editor’s Choice Award , Designed for iOS 7 and Best of 2013 award from Apple along with Top Developer from Google and most recently the EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year nomination – these awards enhance the sense of pride that we have for the product and it solidifies the progress we have achieved in year one but most importantly it enhances the confidence we have in the roadmap we have outlined for the future and the new product launch that we will be delivering to our users in July.”

The latest release to Soundwave allows users to create private groups to chat and share your music with friends and followers. It’s a simple way to chat and share your music with friends. Adding the group chat feature to Soundwave further enhances the value of the app to the users by making it their music destination and allows users to connect with others that share similar tastes in music and create group playlists with friends.

Key components of the latest release by Team Soundwave

· Increased focus on usability

· New design and icons

· The ability for users to create private group chats with friends

· The ability to connect with users that have a common music interest as you

· The ability to search for songs on the app and share them

Unlike typical music apps that aim to promote manual sharing, the Soundwave app has the unique ability to pull in a user’s song plays from their Android, Apple and other streaming apps and sync these songs to their Soundwave profile to show others what songs they listen to. It does this without disrupting regular listening habits. Soundwave users can then follow friends, family and favourites (celebs, musicians, sports stars) to see what songs they are playing and therefore discover new music.

Soundwave supporters

Stephen Fry, Philanthropist, Actor, Author

Long-time Apple advocate Stephen Fry was the keynote speaker at the Soundwave launch event at Apple headquarters in London ’13 and he called Soundwave “a unique and remarkable app”.

Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur, Owner of Dallas Mavericks, Soundwave Investor

Soundwave is backed by Mark Cuban and he views this app as extremely significant; ‘Soundwave is now the exclusive app for taking the pulse of music lovers around the world. It’s a fun app for users for sharing music and seeing what people around you are listening to, and it has incredible big data implications for the music industry’.

Coupled with the innovative music-pulling technology Soundwave offers a unique twist to location based discovery - allowing users to instantly see what songs are playing at any location (country, city, street, and building.) Simply draw a circle over a location of your choosing with your finger to see in real time what songs are playing and the top-played songs for that area.

To download the app from the iTunes store click here or for Android users click here