Among a group of 157 emojis that were released by the Unicode Consortium today, redheads everywhere can now rejoice that they have their own characters.

Having been a source of teasing and numerous jokes, gingers are sure to be delighted that they are being represented on social media platforms and texts. According to the Daily Mail, this new emoji 11.0 set will be available on Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung smartphones later this year.

One can only hope that these new emojis will break down the redhead stigma in our society and help countless Irish people who have felt left out and excluded because of their hair.

It is expected that the updated characters will reach Facebook and Twitter firstly between now and August, but it will most likely reach Google and Apple sometime between September and December. As of now, only software developers have access to the new emojis.

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This new updated list will also include male and female superheroes, as well as new hairstyles such as curly and bald. The faces will be even more expressive with the addition of hot, cold, party, unwell, and pleading expressions.

For #redheads & #gingers, your hair color will soon be representable when using #emoji #Unicode11

— The Unicode Consortium (@unicode) May 30, 2018

There are 66 new unique emojis in total, but 157 characters since many of these have varying skin tones that one can choose from.

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