PropelAd, an emerging leader in digital advertising automation for small and midsize businesses (SMB), today announced it has secured over $650,000 in seed funding led by Colm Long, former Facebook Ireland VP of Global Operations, with and Enterprise Ireland. The funding will support product development and service expansion for online retailers like The Loop Loft, The Net Return and Laci Street.

"SMB eCommerce merchants are driving massive growth for Facebook and the PropelAd team provides a solution to make their advertising campaigns easier to set up and run. They are putting all of the sophisticated targeting and tracking capability normally reserved for larger well-resourced companies into the hands of smaller business owners. As an investor, I see the potential for the company to experience rapid scale as the SMB eCommerce sector grows exponentially in the next 24 months," said Long.

PropelAd is an advertising and retargeting product that allows eCommerce merchants to find new customers and retarget them from one place. Typically, merchants require different tools for their lead generation and retargeting needs. Having these functions centralized in one solution gives merchants a competitive advantage in identifying their ideal customers, growing their customer base and retargeting otherwise lost customers, all while increasing their bottom line.

PropelAd combines Facebook Ad's API technology along with integration into eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Magento.

“Our mission is to give merchants expert advertising results. PropelAd simplifies a 30-step process into click, click and done solution. Digital advertising is complicated and we want to make it easy and accessible to the growing number of SMB online companies,” said PropelAd’s founder and CEO, Charlie Ardagh.

Unlike Facebook’s native ads manager, PropelAd is fully integrated with virtually all eCommerce platforms, enabling a simplification of the creation, targeting and tracking processes. Merchants have access to customer data allowing them to place highly targeted, on-the-fly ads to those that are most likely to follow through and make a purchase. PropelAd is a fully automated solution available for eCommerce merchants to design a sophisticated advertising campaign without the expense of software developers or digital marketing expertise.

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