New York Digital Irish welcomes Dublin Startup Commissioner to board

The New York Digital Irish, the premier Irish digital and startup community in New York, is today delighted to welcome to the board Niamh Bushnell, Dublin’s first ever Startup Commissioner. The decision was made to invite Ms. Bushnell to the board after seeing the years of work she has done creating and mentoring startups in Dublin and New York. Before being appointed Startup Commissioner, Ms. Bushnell was the Entrepreneur in Residence at Talent Tech Labs in New York City. She is also an angel investor and mentor at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator in New York (ERANYC). In her new role as Startup Commissioner, Ms. Bushnell is tasked with developing and nurturing start-up talent in Dublin and creating a strong platform and environment for Dublin as a great international startup city.

Speaking today Ms. Bushnell said,

“I've been a strong supporter of NYDI since Feargall started the organization in 2013 and am delighted to join the board. NYDI has its finger on the pulse of the digital scene in New York and can really help Ireland-based entrepreneurs break into this market at an accelerated pace. There's also a huge opportunity to build a close relationship between these two tech hubs - New York and Dublin - and I'll be working very closely with the rest of the NYDI board and organizations like Enterprise Ireland to create this nexus in 2015 and beyond.”

Chair of the NYDI Feargall Kenny said,

“Inviting Niamh to the NYDI was really a no-brainer. She has an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience in the digital sphere and is well versed in working with Irish startups in the New York scene already. In her capacity as the first ever Startup Commissioner for Dublin, Niamh is perfectly positioned to create and strengthen links between the tech startup and digital scenes in Dublin and New York. I am delighted that she is willing to bring her expertise to the New York Digital Irish board and am very excited to work with her in 2015 and beyond.”

Ms. Bushnell is expected to take her place on the NYDI board from the beginning of 2015 where she will join Feargall Kenny, Aisling Keogh, Barry Navan, Shane Lennon and Stephen Smith. The NY Digital Irish is composed of Irish expatriates and Irish Americans who work explicitly in the digital media arena, provides networking resources for digital startups and established businesses alike. Irish individuals working in the social media, mobile, online advertising, digital agency, search, analytics, video, eCommerce and online-centric business-to-customer or business to business sectors can turn to the NY Digital Irish group for resources and support in future business ventures. The group has over 700 members from companies such as Facebook, Diageo, Time Inc., Google, MTV and the New York Times and host events every two months.

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