When love is in the air but protection is paramount, College of New Jersey (TCNJ) Sophomore Kyle McCabe has the answer. The enterprising student has started CondAm, his all-hours condom delivery service.

According to the New York Daily News all you have to do is order them by calling, texting or filling out an online form.

Minutes later McCabe will show up at students' doors wearing a flashing helmet with a purple light and a backpack full of condoms.

CondAm, which he says is short for condom ambulance, is a 24/7 service but it tends to attract bigger orders on the weekend. At first it was a solo operation, he explains, one that saw him hand-delivering all the orders.

But now McCabe has a few volunteers and two well known condom brands, Lifestyles and Glydes, have offered to partner with him.

CondAm reportedly does best at the weekend with McCabe receiving around 30 to 40 orders. One condom costs $3 and 10 will run you $15.

But McCabe claims he’s not in it for the money as he's not making a profit yet. His real aim is to keep his campus safe.

'I’m here to help people who do decide that that’s right for them,' McCabe told the Associated Press. 'And I want to help them be safe when they do that.'

Students who don't want the entire campus to know their business occasionally ask McCabe to turn his flashing siren helmet off.

McCabe has his sights set on expanding CondAm. 'There’s a need for this on all college campuses,' he said. 'At like 2AM or 3AM and I’m sitting with my girlfriend and I get a call,' he told TCNJ’s Signal. 'It’s a little hard to get up and go full speed. But I know if I get a call there’s kids in need...I’m happy to do it.”

According to Fox News McCabe said he came up with the idea when he and some of his friends brought up the subject of not being prepared. While his company concept may seem like a joke, McCabe said he is hoping to promote safe sex among his classmates.

'Health services are not open all the time.  Some students don’t have cars; they can’t get to a store.'

College of New Jersey (TCNJ) Sophomore Kyle McCabe has started CondAm, his all-hours condom delivery service.ABC