Irish Women Abroad is the one-of-a-kind destination that supports Irish women in all aspects of life abroad. Now the group, founded by Sarah Whelan, has launched an Irish Business Directory just in time for St. Brigid's Day. 

The new site features a unique Irish Business Directory, the Cuppa Journal Blog, and is packed with Returning to Ireland Resources. You can catch up on feature stories, Irish recipes, and informational articles from members of the Irish Abroad Community. 

On Dec 1, 2021, the Irish Women Abroad website and Irish Business Directory went live. The official launch day of celebration will be held close to St. Brigid's Day, Feb 1, 2022, which is a very fitting day to celebrate the talent and creativity of Irish women. 

Since the website went live, the Irish Women Abroad have been blown away by the positive response. Already they have had many different types of Irish businesses list their unique businesses on the directory.

Irish Women Abroad was set up by Sarah Whelan in 2019 to help Irish Women navigate some of the challenges they face when living abroad or when deciding it’s time to return to Ireland. 

Challenges such as… 

  • Being isolated from your family or feeling homesick. 
  • Navigating visa issues or finding a job. 
  • Easing into your new life abroad or settling back in Ireland. 
  • Our 4,000+ members live in every corner of the world. 

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