Built in Dublin is a series of short video stories, created in collaboration with RTÉ. Each one spotlights MediaTech founders and startups who are changing the media industry from right here in Dublin.

In the fifth episode of the series, we meet Iranian Parsa Ghaffari, the founder of Artificial Intelligence startup Aylien.

Parsa founded Aylien six years ago in Iran. After a detour through China, he decided to grow Aylien in Ireland, lured by the great startup visa scheme for foreign entrepreneurs. Here he discovered a welcoming home and strong research capabilities in the universities. Along the way he learned he really didn’t have to be based in Silicon Valley to succeed. Parsa also figured out strong  knowledge in AI wasn’t necessarily enough to run a company. A solution needs a problem to solve, which for Aylien turned out to be making sense of content in the media and publishing business.

This story and episode appear courtesy of the Dublin Globe, the online hub for news and stories from Dublin's tech and startup worlds. For more, visit their website