Irish woman, Karina Collins, has been appointed to the position of Director of Marketing for a major Chinese Blockchain company, NULS.

As the first western employee, she is tasked with building a team to support this fast growing Chinese blockchain company globally.

In what is a fitting location, Karina is based in Skibbereen (literally translated as Little Boat Harbour) in West Cork, adjacent to a digital hub called Ludgate Hub which was opened in 2016. Ludgate is a 1 Gigabit digital hub in Skibbereen which aims to facilitate the creation of 500 jobs locally by 2020 has been hailed as offering a template for the revival of rural Ireland.

Karina has a strong background in international PR and marketing and is currently recruiting marketing and community managers to build the western team.

This week Karina travels to Beijing, China, to give a keynote address to an audience of 300 Chinese investors and blockchain experts.  Her talk is to explain about the advance of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Western Europe.

“This is an amazing, fast growing sector,” says Karina. “I’m delighted to be one of the first non-Chinese director’s of NULS. I am very proud to be Irish and based moreover in rural Ireland. This is an excellent example of how Ireland can generate more professional jobs – without the necessity to be based in Dublin.”

Karina will be able to point to the launch of Blockchain Ireland two weeks ago where an active expert group led by the IDA and including Enterprise Ireland, the Department of Finance and other interested blockchain bodies, are building a strong blockchain community in Ireland.

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NULS began in Chongqing, China in September 2017. The company’s original plan was to run a crowdfunding campaign until the Chinese authorities banned all ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Undeterred, they opened an office in Singapore, where ICOs are legal and offered an airdrop to all contributors.

The NULS token when first launched was valued at $0.40 and has now, in a matter of months, risen to $2.50. This puts the market capitalisation of the company at $85 million. Currently there are 20 employees but this is planned to double in the coming year.

NULS is a global blockchain open-source project which has a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure. Considered the word-press of blockchain, NULS aims to break the technical barriers of blockchain, making it easier and less expensive for companies to move onto the blockchain, and even to launch their own ICOs.

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