This week the crypto divas, aka myself Jillian Godsil, and my partner in crime, Liina Laas Billson, were pretty upbeat. We have decided the price of bitcoin and the other alt coins is less and less affecting our view of the crypto world as we witness more and more institutions, companies and people entering this space.

I was also speaking at a Women in Blockchain event last night in Trinity College Dublin. The event was hosted in the Bank of Ireland workbench and as a result I had to stop several times during my talk to apologise to the host – I am not very bank friendly as it happens. And if you wonder why - just google my name and bankruptcy. Basically I hit hard times – divorce and recession. I tried to sell my home and got a cash offer of €500,000 but the banks refused consent to sell and preferred to repossess my home and then sell if for €165,000 the following year. Great commercial sense. My home is now, three years on, back on the market for €550,000. Where is the justice in that?

Anyway, as I was berating the banks and other swollen, ineffective and lazy institutions, I kept on remembering where I was and the poor man there on duty looking very uncomfortable. But the point of the exercise was to encourage the women attending to look at blockchain as a career. At the end I was rewarded because many of the women said they would – before they had been afraid of entering the sector because they felt they didn’t know enough. I just said that a) start learning and b) not everyone else knows enough either – we are all on a giant learning curve.

So, I am only one voice but I am very keen for women to get involved. Women and blockchain together – what a winning combination.

As for good week bad week – you’ll have to watch here.