A pair of Irish emigrants have launched Canada's first mobile Irish pub in the style of a traditional Irish thatched cottage in response to health and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Warren Crolly and Danny Hamilton, two Irish ex-pats living in Victoria, converted a 1970s trailer into a full Irish bar complete with four taps and enough space to seat six customers to cater to those who are still not comfortable about going to the pub. 

"Not everybody is comfortable going out to the pub, to the restaurant to have their celebration, their party, so the idea is we can bring that party to you," Hamilton told Global News on Wednesday. 

"You can still have that celebration in the comfort of your own home with the people you’re most comfortable in your own bubble," he said. 

The mobile pub, dubbed "The Wild Rover", launched last Friday and Crolly and Hamilton have already received more than 150 inquiries from potential customers all across the Canadian region. 

"We are blown away with the interest people have shown in this, and it just makes us so happy that we’ve already started working on the second Wild Rover," Hamilton said in an interview with Global News.

The Wild Rover is available to rent for weddings, birthdays, traditional Irish music sessions, festivals, and a whole host of other special events. 

Outside, the trailer has been redesigned to look exactly like a traditional cottage in rural Ireland, with a red door and whitewashed walls, in a nod to Crolly and Hamilton's Irish roots. 

The pub's distinctly Irish look is fitting; Crolly and Hamilton partly decided to launch their brainchild after a bad bout of homesickness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"We started because we wanted our own little piece of Ireland," Hamilton told Global News. 

"Not only do we get to sit in it and enjoy it but we get to share our Irishness with everyone else."