The Crypto Divas, aka IrishCentral columnist Jillian Godsil and co host Morgan Pierce sit down every week to look at the world of crypto and see if things are good or bad.

But first they had the opportunity to interview Irish businessman Chris O’Dea, CEO and co founder of Living Offset. This business in interesting for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it addresses the issue of Carbon Footprints of individuals and communities. Large corporates and Utility companies, which account for all 40% of global carbon emissions, have statutory means by which to offset their usage. However, the rest of the emissions, some 60%, are produced by individuals, communities and other small bodies. Up until now, there was no easy way to do this – until the arrival of Living Offset.

People can download their app, upload a donation in fiat currency – say €10 – and then offset their daily carbon emissions: 5cent for a coffee, or 10cent for a commute to work. Living Offset will partner with corporates who will match the money. The collected money, less a transaction fee to run the platform, will be used in sustainable projects. People can also offset again local projects – helping a primary school go green for example. In time, there will be a ‘rate my carbon offsets’ table on international, country and regional areas.

The second reason why this is interesting is that Living Offset is joining a growing number of Irish companies working in the Blockchain industry.

The third reason is that the Living Offset token is a security. In the current uncertainty of regulations in the cryptocurrency world this is significant as Living Offset seizes the regulatory bull by the horns and is leading the way for other Irish blockchain companies.

This is also important as the Irish Government posted a document on virtual currencies and blockchain technologies. Published by Pascal Donohoe (TD) and minister for Finance and Public Expenditure & Reform, he also announced the creation of an internal working group to monitor developments in the area.

Read the press release here

This is important news as every blockchain business needs to understand the regulatory framework in which they operate.  

This week on Good Week Bad Week the Crypto Divas talk about the Minister Donohoe’s publication and interest in welcoming cryptocurrencies. And also France doing a U turn with Bruno Le Marie, French Minister for Finance, now welcoming blockchain and cryptocurrency companies.

Ireland had better get its skids on – this is a race.

Other topics covered included China, Crypto Kitties, G20 Summit, Venezuela and Trump, and how the markets are doing (better).

Watch the VIDEO here

Until next week, Slán.

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