It’s spring time! The winter blues are gone! Working with colourful products and vibrant foods brings sunshine and fun into the kitchen no matter what type of day outside. Check out my favourite 5 ways of bringing colour into my kitchen. Go to for more and don't forget to enter the code: irishcentral on the payment page for a 10% discount!

Vegetables and Fruit

Food from nature comes in all sizes and colours. Eating a variety of colourful vegetables and fruit ensures that your family are getting a good variety of micronutrients and ample fibre in their diets. Feeling well is just a bite away with the right bright vegetables and fruit. Check this resource for more ideas on colourful fruit and vegetables.


As far as I am concerned, a kitchen without spices is like visiting the beach in a blizzard.

Lets start with the chili – did you know there were so many varieties? I picked up a fabulous array of chilies from my local store and love the temperature chart demonstrating the level of heat each variety provides. I’ve yet to be brave enough to try the yellow habanero. It’s been deseeded, finely chopped and frozen with a safety label!

Kitchen Equipment and Utensils

We have come a long way from the black, grey and brown, Bakelite, stainless steel or wooden kitchen equipment. However, no need to throw out any of your useable equipment; just replace when they are no longer functioning with more joyful colourful pieces available in all price ranges.

Meal Planning

Guess you know by now that I use my Meal Plan in Colour to organise my meals during the week. Red recipes are ready in under 35 minutes and serve 4, Blue recipes take longer and serve 8. Green recipes use store cupboard ingredients and leftovers. White is a day I don’t need to cook. I don’t know what I would do without these colours in my life anymore.

Check out my meal planner at Sian’s Plan.


Being a home economist, fabric and texture is important to me. From aprons to tea towels and the occasional table cloth, make yours as bright and cheeky as possible. Right now I’m into lime greens, reds, blues and muted browns and greys.