Many people view All American Clothing Company as a symbol of American ingenuity that is going to propel the economy out of it’s stupor.

In 1990 there were over 800,000 Americans employed in the clothing and apparel workforce.  Today there are less than 100,000 left in the hard hit American industry. Government policy and overseas competition make it harder to compete in this as well as other sectors in the US
That’s why it was refreshing to see an American business start up and thrive in this environment. 

Lawson Nickol started his Ohio based apparel company in 2002 based on the premise that every article of clothing his company produced would be made by US workers and every bit of material would be made or produced in the United States.

Many products you buy these days may say “made in the USA,” but upon  further investigation you may learn that only a small part of the product was actually produced here.   Mr. Nickols said: "This company will not accept foreign profits at the expense of USA jobs while I am involved with the company."

All American Clothing uses an authenticity method called “Traceability.” Nickol helped create a system that allows consumers to trace the origin of the cotton products back to the original cotton field and farmer. The process has since grown and is used by other manufacturers and retailers. If you buy a pair of jeans from All American Clothing, you can see exactly which farm in the US produced the cotton.  Nickols also claims the brass buttons and leather patch are also produced in the US as well..

Most Americans would have a struggle to find any clothing actually made in the USA.  Fox News did a random interview of folks walking the Washington DC Mall.  The reporter asked to look at the manufacturing tags on the shirts, pants and hats that folks were wearing. Almost every article of clothing they wore was manufactured in a foreign country….Even the ones that sported American flag logos and yes, even American flags, were made elsewhere.

The Olympic uniforms worn by the American team competing in London were made in China. Although they were designed by American Ralph Lauren, a big champion of the American way, it seems no American manufacturers were given the chance to make the uniforms.

All American Clothing  said American manufacturers were capable of making those Ralph Lauren Olympic uniforms on time and within budget. They said they want a shot at the upcoming winter Olympic US uniforms, where they feel they are perfect for that seasons style.

Business has been good for the Ohio based company as they are about to locate from their current facility into a 45,000 s.f  building, in order to serve their customers better.

Perhaps other US manufacturers who outsource millions of jobs overseas can learn from All American Clothing and bring back jobs to the US.  Huge corporations like Apple Computer, employ 2 million workers in China, while the unemployment rate in the US, where Apple sells most of its products, is high.  After all employed Americans will be able to afford their products.

For those interested in checking out all American Clothing, you can visit their website here.

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