America can stop looking for the next Susan Boyle; she's not out there.

She's a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon from a country where music halls and amateur productions were always a huge part of life. She will never be matched.

Your star-making machinery is far more complicated than Britain's and someone like Susan would never have broken through over here.

There is an appreciation and history of amateur theatricals and stage performers in Britain and Ireland that is remarkably lacking here.

In any given town in Britain you will see amateur productions of Gilbert and Sullivan or old stage plays. It is the beating heart of the society; the tradition from Shakespeare onwards.

Not here. Everything has become so overproduced and slick that even amateur theatrics feature actors already in professional school.

It is no wonder that "American Idol" produces big stars but "America's Got Talent" does not - Britain's experience is exactly the opposite.

If you want the overproduced one hit wonders come to "American Idol," if you want a real tradition of music hall and singing and history and real people go to "Britain's Got Talent."

Here everything has to be silky smooth, professionally arranged, over-managed and every natural ounce of authenticity wiped out.

Over there an overweight Scottish lady can wow millions just with her voice

In Britain anything goes. The Stavros father and son imitating Michael Flatley is a case in point; it would never play over here, too unsophisticated.

That is why a Susan Boyle singalike winner is virtually impossible over here. People start off too packaged. Even the poor chicken plucker last week already had the star machinery around him before he sang. He may have plucked a lot of chickens but not too many heartstrings I think.

So stop trying to find the next Susan Boyle America - she's not out there. Settle for what you've got; American Idols and pre-packaged glam that still sells well across the world. but I'll bet you will never unearth a Susan however. It is just not in the genes.