Tourism Ireland has launched a new film detailing the budget-friendly ways visitors can enjoy all the great things Ireland has to offer for some truly priceless memories.

This new video aptly named, "Ten Top Travel Hacks for Ireland," was created by Tourism Ireland to inform visitors of all the wonderful attractions and events which people can avail of throughout the country without putting a dent in their wallet. These are the ultimate travel hacks every adventurer should know about.

Ireland is home to an abundance of museums and festivals which are all available for free like Dublin’s National History Museum and the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking festival. Lots of the country’s Michelin star restaurants offer fantastic lunch specials so people can taste some of our finest cuisine for a fraction of the price.

Fancy visiting the wonderful prehistoric monument Newgrange in County Meath? Hundred’s of Ireland’s national heritage sites are free access the first Wednesday of every month and allows people a glimpse into the country’s historic past.

Tourism Ireland's new film showcases Ireland's budget friendly sights

Tourism Ireland's new film showcases Ireland's budget friendly sights

Ireland plays host to many wonderful events throughout the year and there is always something on offer for those willing to explore. Tourism Ireland’s latest video gives visitors a glimpse of what they can look for in one of the world’s most unique countries.

The full list includes:

  1. National museums and galleries are free to enter.
  2. Hundreds of Heritage Ireland sites are free to access on the first Wednesday of every month.
  3. There are over 3000 free events to enjoy on Culture Night on 29 September.
  4. If you explore the island on foot, you never know who or what you might meet and you can enjoy the views.
  5. Choose early bird menus before 7pm and farmers’ markets for food on the go.
  6. Experience once-in-a-lifetime moments. See the Northern Lights in Donegal or visit the locations where Star Wars and Game of Thrones are shot.
  7. Catch a traditional music session for free in pubs around the country.
  8. There are lots of free music, books and food festivals on offer.
  9. Many attractions will offer discounts and visitor passes for students, families and seniors.
  10. Most places in Ireland will offer free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected.

What could be better than free right?