Over the weekend in Co. Cork the inaugural Paddy Games took place and brought out of play hundreds of silly sport fanatics hoping to represent Ireland on an international level.
The highly unusual sporting event took place in the Mardyke Arena in Cork City.
The aim of the competition is to bring back the fun into sports yet hundreds of competitors took their games very serious.
Examples of some of the sports included running backwards, the three-legged race blindfolded with wellington boots.
The doggy paddle replaces unnatural swimming strokes like the butterfly while field events involve bicycle tyres and toilet rolls.
Promoting athletic events that aren’t officially recognized, Paddy Games is an unorthodox multi-sports spectacle, at once providing amusement for a global television audience, while also affording participants the opportunity to win gold for their country and rejoice in their innate right to be their very own hero.
"Paddy Games is the theatre where a whole new breed of sports stars are born -- where participants respect the lighter side of life and place merit on being silly over and above being sensible," said a spokesman.
Lawyer and former Sumo wrestler Colin Carroll organized the event.
Carroll has pledged the games won't be a one-off event and hopes to bring them to Northern Ireland as well.
"Make no mistake," he said, "we're going global. I've already started work on a Paddy Winter Olympics.
"I'd love to bring the games to Belfast and plan to do that in the next few years.