Cork City is to play host to the world’s first Paddy Olympics, a motley mixture of novelty sporting events organized by Cork solicitor, Colin Carroll.

The events will include a 100-meter blindfold dash, a backwards race, a 400-meter crawling race, a loudest roar contest and mobile phone throwing events. The events will be held at the Mardyke Arena, Cork, the local university’s modern sporting complex.

"The objective is to have over 250 competitors representing more than 15 countries – in order to be larger than the inaugural modern Olympics of 1896,", said the event’s zany organizer. "Talks are ongoing with television stations and potential sponsors. Sky Sports is already confirmed."

The publicity seeking Colin Carroll has spent the last three years engaging in a series of bizarre endurance events around the world and has become a cult figure in Cork and Ireland.  He led an Irish team to victory in the world elephant polo championships and became the first Irishman to compete in the world sumo wrestling championships.

“Colin and Graham’s Excellent Adventures”, aired by RTE, was a series showing the sports-mad solicitor and his friend, Graham Little, traveling the world engaging in unusual sporting practices.

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