What better way to start the New Year than winning a little piece of Ireland, literally!

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Emerald Heritage has created a new way to own your very own wee piece of Ireland’s idyllic landscape. The company offers a unique, fun and eco-friendly opportunity to purchase a wee piece of the Emerald Isle, enabling you to become a landowner of some of Ireland’s most precious landscape – ensuring that it can never be developed or destroyed.

Nestled within the Glens of Antrim, one of the most scenic destinations in the world, Emerald Heritage land plots are available in three sizes (1, 4 and 9 square feet) and will be yours to hold in perpetuity – a perfect gift for those with Irish heritage wishing to claim back some of the terrain of their ancestry.

Emerald Heritage is primarily a conservation business. Ireland was once a forest culture, but the development of agriculture practices since the 1600s has left the proportion of Ireland that is woodland at an all-time low. Ireland has been almost completely deforested with a mere 1% of native woodland left.

This personalized, elegantly presented, yet affordable gift is ideal for any special occasion. An Emerald Heritage plot can cost as little as $50, ranging in price up to $150, and will be in the family forever, allowing you to pass your little piece of Ireland onto your children and grandchildren.

Emerald Heritage landowners will receive a pack containing:

- Official registration

- An introductory letter

- A master title deed with their choice of Title, Squireen, Squire or Squiress. This can be used to change your title on bank accounts, utility bills and other forms of documentation

- A high quality, full color, gift folder containing all your documents

- A legal certificate of sale, on velum parchment, including GPS co-ordinates so that you may locate your plot

- An A3 size personalized map of the land (11.5 x 16.5 inches)

- A host of information about the area and its history, including directions to the land

Included in an Emerald Heritage pack is a personalized Master Title Deed.

“Anyone can rightly refer to themselves as a Squireen, but we felt that extending the Irish tradition of a landowner title such as Squireen, Squire or Squiress is just great fun and something that we felt our customers from all over the world would really enjoy,” said Lyn Nelson Founder of Emerald Heritage.

Ownership of an Emerald Heritage land plot will not only ensure the protection of the land from the increasing threat of deforestation, it will also ensure it can never be purchased for development. Lyn says, “The protection and enhancement of Irish landscape was the primary motive in the formation of Emerald Heritage. We want our community of Squireen’s to become the largest group of conservationists Ireland has ever seen.”

For further information please visit Emerald-Heritage.com.

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