Even the most amateur of photographers would have a hard time not taking a fantastic picture of the Irish countryside what with the breathtaking beauty that greets us in every corner of the country. Hundreds and hundreds of flawless photographs have emerged in 2016 of the very best of Irish landmarks and landscapes but some struck the fancy of IrishCentral readers more than others.

Throughout the year, you’ve shown your appreciation for Irish photographers via IrishCentral’s Instagram page and as we reach the last few days of the year, we’ve looked back to find your favorites and what an incredible bunch of images they are.

Here are the top five most popular images of Ireland from 2016:

1. The Cliffs of Moher by Niall Cosgrove

This stunning image of the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare was taken by photographer Niall Cosgrove, capturing one of the most famous Irish landmarks in the depths of nighttime beauty. It’s hard to say which looks more incredible, the starry Irish sky or the fabulous cliffs.

You can find more from Niall Cosgrove here.

  1. Doolough Pass in Co. Mayo

This shot from Fáilte Ireland shows of the peace of the Irish countryside at its best. Who wondered want to push out onto the water on this adorable rowing boat and watch the silent beauty of the hills from the water.

  1. Dublin’s Temple Bar

The Temple Bar in Dublin city center often receives some stick as being overcrowded us tourists and lacking the original character of the capital but this image proves why it became so popular in the first place. It may be stormy but what better way to pass a lazy day than to stroll down these cobbles.

Image shot by Giuseppe. More of his work can be viewed here.

  1. A friendly donkey on Inis Mór, the Aran Islands

This adorable face is everything you’d ever need to cheer you up. Captured by Caroline Burgess, we imagine that the residents of this beautiful house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean are more than pleased to have such smiling neighbors.

You can view more work from Caroline Burgess here.

5. Christmas at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral should be top of your places to visit in Dublin City at any time of the year, but it certainly looks even more magical during the holiday season. This image from Fáilte Ireland is full of seasonal magic.

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