Stay at Finn Lough during your next trip to Ireland and experience a getaway like no other.

Finn Lough has incorporated design and nature to create a lakeside haven where the switched-on come to switch off.

Each room at the hotel & resort is bright and airy with a nod to the tranquil views beyond. Tucked away in a private forest, their transparent Forest Domes give you uninterrupted views so you can immerse yourself in nature and sleep beneath the starry skies.

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The spacious and airy Sky Suites are perfect for a short break whilst the Lake Suites invite you to linger awhile and take in the views.

Their Lakeside Villas are also the perfect place to gather with loved ones and each has a private garden with uninterrupted views of the water and a deck or balcony to drink in the beautiful scenes. 

Around every corner, little pockets of pleasure lie waiting to be discovered. Glide along the water on a Pedal Kayak to reveal secluded islands, meander through woodland immersed in the smells and sounds of nature, or awaken, energize and inspire with a sunrise yoga practice overlooking the water. 

Credit: Finn Lough Resort.

Credit: Finn Lough Resort.

The Elements Spa Trail gives guests the chance to truly bathe in nature. Unlike traditional spas, the self-guided experience offers a private two-hour trail flowing through a series of cabins nestled in the forest.

The trail includes the Finnish Sauna with stunning lake views for a truly holistic experience. The Float Bath offers a deeply relaxing experience through the weightless sensation created by the Epsom salts in the water.

While the Herbal Sauna is a sensory experience that utilizes the aromatherapy of herbs found in the local area including Heather, Rosemary, and Birch. Then as you immerse yourself in the warm water of the Hydro Pool, your muscles will relax and your mind unfurl.

After a relaxing and restorative session, lie back in the Relaxation Room and choose from the wide range of reading material or simply enjoy the quiet reflection of the forest scape.

Credit: Finn Lough Resort.

Credit: Finn Lough Resort.

Finally, as Finn Lough is connected with nature, they make sure their food is too. Like our ancestors, they have bypassed convenience to forge a slow connection with the land and lakes surrounding them, with all their flavors being seasonal, ensuring an experience that is authentic and original.

Finn Lough is the perfect destination for those who know how precious their time is and how to spend it wisely. 

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