Aillwee Caves and Doolin Cave

Formed by nature over millions of years, both caves penetrate deep into the Burren mountainside,and each one has unique characteristics. Doolin Cave is home to a giant stalactite. These spectacular underground labyrinths traverse wonderful eerie formations, beautifully orchestrated by evocative lighting. and

Birr Castle Demesne of Discovery

In the grounds of Birr Castle, is the restored giant telescope, built in 1845 and remaining the largest in the world for 70 years. The Castle houses a science museum dedicated to the achievements of Irish people in the fields of astronomy, photography, engineering, botany and horticulture.

Foynes Flying Boat Museum

From 1939 to 1945, the port of Foynes, on the wide waterway of the Shannon Estuary, was the pivotal point for flying boat traffic between the USA and Europe. The museum recalls this era with exhibits and illustrations. Irish coffee originated here.

Hunt Museum

An internationally important collection of some 2,000 original works of art and antiquity, from the Stone Age to the 20th century, including a bronze horse by Leonardo Da Vinci and paintings by Renoir, Picasso and Yeats.

Atlantic Air Venture

Experience flight from the captains seat, any weather conditions, any airport in the world, anytime day or night. Fly a full-scale Boeing 737 NG flight simulator at Atlantic Air Venture, Shannon Co. Clare.