The Irish Film Institute shares "Céad Míle Fáilte," which was presented by the Irish Tourist Board in 1969.

“Céad Míle Fáilte” has been preserved by the Irish Film Institute as part it's Bord Fáilte Film Collection.

The IFI says that “films made for Bord Fáilte provide not only a beautiful record of Ireland’s landscape and topography throughout the 20th century, but also serve to illustrate the development of the Irish tourist industry and the image that ‘brand’ Ireland was endeavouring to project, as it marketed itself as an international tourist destination.”

That’s certainly apparent in the 31-minute film below, Céad Míle Fáilte.

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Of the film, the IFI says: “The Irish title translates as One Hundred Thousand Welcomes and that is what awaits the visitor to Ireland in this short film produced by the Film Unit of the National Bus Companies and presented by the Irish Tourist Board.

“Opening with a 1916 rebel singalong in “the smoke-filled atmosphere” of the Dublin’s Abbey Tavern, the film then begins a pleasant bus journey winding through a host of sun-washed Irish towns and villages and happens upon a wealth of historic ruins dating back to early Christian times.

“Céad Míle Fáilte presents a warm and welcoming country and promotes the joys of exploring it on a comfortable and efficient Irish bus.”

You can see more from The Bord Fáilte Film Collection here. The film below is presented on behalf of the Irish Film Institute and with kind permission of Fáilte Ireland.

The video below is published with thanks to the Irish Film Institute (IFI), who IrishCentral have partnered up with throughout 2020 to bring you a taste of what their remarkable collection entails. You can find all IrishCentral articles and videos from the IFI here.

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IrishCentral has partnered up with the IFI throughout 2020 to bring you a taste of what their remarkable collections entail. You can find all IrishCentral articles and videos from the IFI here.