There’s a great deal of online entertainment that’s free to enjoy, from little browser games to whatever takes your fancy on YouTube.

However, what people crave is premium entertainment that offers much more than quick spurts of fun and is made to a high tier of quality – most of the time. It’s why you might be debating whether or not you should save money and cancel streaming subscriptions or stick with the premium content.

Luckily, there are platforms that offer their premium goods free of charge. You can watch, play, and listen to a whole range of great products without paying a cent. Some are perpetually free, while others offer multiple or extended runs of free experiences that’ll easily fill a few hours over the weekend. Without further ado, here are some ways that you can get premium online entertainment for free.

Making the most of free premium streaming

While far less common than they used to be when the prices were more respectable and competitive, you can still stumble upon free weeks or months of trials with some of the big-hitting streaming services. Still, as mentioned, these aren’t always easy to come by. Instead, you should turn your attention to the great content being put out by the free streaming services around the web.

You can see the list on this page, but the top of the pile is Freevee right now. It offers original content, live television, and has some great movies to sit back and watch. Perhaps the only drawbacks are that it’s primarily accessed through Prime Video and does have adverts. Next on the list for those veering away from the eCommerce goliath is Pluto TV. It’s not one for putting out its own originals yet, but you won’t need them with its stack of big-hit films and shows.

Enjoying usually pay-to-play entertainment on the house

It’s not often that strictly premium entertainment becomes free to play, let alone in a space where you essentially pay as you go. This is usually the case in online casino entertainment, with you needing to deposit money to play casino games. Due to how competitive the platforms in Ireland have become, they’re now bending over backward to win over players, which includes offering completely free playing funds.

This is offered through no-deposit bonuses. You can try it out here, but the basis is that you sign up, don’t commit any money or even input your card details, and just get a bonus to try out a select set of games or whichever games you fancy. There’s the €5 no-deposit bonus to use across the board, the 20 no-deposit spins for the popular Book of Dead, and the 50 no-deposit spins on NetEnt games. Best of all, as you can join as many platforms as you want, you play as many of these bonuses as you want.

Listen to some of the greatest stories of all time

Audiobooks are a great way to experience books, and new great stories become more accessible all the time. Of course, many are locked behind paywalls, but that’s where LibriVox comes into play. You can see the full library right here, but it’s loaded with some all-time greats. With over 17,000 catalogued works, it’s well worth exploring if you’re in the mood for an audiobook.

As you can see, free premium entertainment online is just a few clicks away as a resident of Ireland. All you’ll need is narrow down your choice to one movie, game, or audiobook to enjoy first.