Indecision has plagued Gunner Kiel in the past, as Notre Dame will now join LSU and Indiana as schools the four-star recruit has broken commitments with.  In 2012, he committed to Indiana, uncommitted, next committed to LSU, uncommitted, then finally committed to Notre Dame, joining the Fighting Irish this past summer.  Kiel now will have to look the third coach in the eye and announce he’s moving on, a process no player wants to go through once. 

Kiel nor Notre Dame has yet to confirm anything about a possible transfer.

On January 5, the indecisive Kiel had previously acknowledged he hasn’t made all the right decisions so far.

“I was dumb during the recruitment process.  I couldn't really make up my mind, but I was also doing what was best for me at that time, and that was picking a college. That much pressure and being so highly ranked, I couldn't make up my mind," he said.

Well, it seems the talented quarterback’s mind still may be cluttered with thoughts of greener pastures as ESPN reported that Gunner Kiel intends to transfer before next season. 

When previously asked about the idea of transferring, Kiel said he hadn't thought about it and that he’s “been more focused on the season and been more focused on school and other things that are more important to me."

He also talked about his hopes for getting on the field, "Anything could happen, Golson could go to the NFL ... you never know. He could also get hurt, other people could get hurt ... there's so many doors that could be opened that I just have to be patient, just wait my turn, wait to get better." 

Gunner Kiel was redshirted this past season and was behind quarterbacks Evertt Goloson, Tommy Rees, and Andrew Hendrix.  Notre Dame is also bringing in Malik Zaire, a 4 star quarterback with high potential in Kelly’s offense.  Kiel must be feeling his chances at a starting job are getting smaller everyday at Notre Dame and it isn't hard to see why. 

Notre Dame’s former 4 star recruit Gunner Kiel won’t be on a FBS team’s roster next seasonGoogle Images