Sheamus, the first Irish born WWE champion, visited and spoke with late-night host Jimmy Fallon on Friday night. The WWE star talked about his life as a WWE profressional, growing up in Ireland, as well as his humorous beginnings as an IT specialist.

“What’s the craic, Jimmy, how ya doin’?” Sheamus said as he settled in with the Irish-American ‘Late Night’ host. Fallon held a particular interest in Sheamus’ Irish roots, stating happily that Sheamus “very Irish” and not he wasn’t “faking” his Irish.
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“Basically I’ve been cursed or blessed, depends on the way you think of it, with a beautiful milk-bottle tan.” The two laughed about Sheamus’ typical pale skin, and how white he appeared in his new Mattel toy figure, as well as on the cover of ‘Muscle & Fitness’ magazine.

The WWE champ shared about his past jobs with Fallon. “I was probably the worst IT guy you’ve ever seen,” said Sheamus when Jimmy inquired about his past occupations. Sheamus  landed the job after a pal helped him “exaggerate” his resume, and skated through the first few months when people were “too afraid” to ask him and his burly physique for help.

Check out Sheamus on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ below: