This video features the Dublin street fight between WWE wrestlers Sandow and Sheamus, the culmination of a series of matches between the two men.

Sandow tormented Sheamus with tests of intellect as opposed to pure brawn for weeks, Sheamus failing each one. With each failure, Sheamus resorts to violence. The feud continues through a singles match that Sheamus won, then a handicap match where Sandow and Cody Rhodes subdued Sheamus.
This Dublin street fight match is the culmination of this feud. Though there is impressive showmanship here, the true value of the video comes out in the pundits’ commentary. Starting out, the commentators quickly establish that this ring’s setup reminds Sheamus of the street he grew up on in Cabra, Dublin.
The street fight setup includes a standing bar outside the ring, with “Guinness” on tap. Throughout the course of the fight, Sheamus uses various Irish-themed weapons, like a keg of Guinness, a sack of Irish potatoes, and a green bar stool.
Memorable quotes from the commentators John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole here include:
MC: Irish potatoes!
JBL: Like Seamus needs any more potatoes!
MC: Who eats raw potatoes!?
JBL: Sheamus!
JBL: Sandow’s trying to play the role of St. Patrick here, trying to get rid of the snakes!.... and Sheamuses.
MC: You call him Sheamus the snake?
JBL: Na na na, see snakes are Sheamuses
MC: You know, St. Patrick actually made the cross that Sheamus wears.

Here's the snippet from the fight:

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