Dublin-born wrestling star Sheamus claimed victory in this weekend’s Pay-Per-View event ‘Royal Rumble.’ The high profile wrestler defeated the highly tipped Chris Jericho to win the event that will send him to Wrestlemania 2012 in April.

The Score reports that Sheamus, born Stephen Farrelly, beat out 29 other wrestlers to claim the title for Royal Rumble 2012. As winner of that WWE event, Sheamus has the privilege of picking his opponent for the upcoming Wrestlemania, the WWE’s biggest event of the year, in April.

Following a two year hiatus, Chris Jericho was favored to win the match. However, Sheamus used his trademark move -the Brogue Kick - to defeat Jericho and become the last man standing.
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Sheamus is the first Irish-born-and-bred wrestler to be a part of the WWE. He uses this, and his bright red hair, to his advantage by branding himself as ‘The Great White,’ and the ‘Celtic Warrior’ of WWE.

With his successes in WWE, Sheamus has appeared on several late night talk shows, including fellow red-head’s Conan O’Brien on TBS’ ‘Conan.’ Check out the video below!

Throughout his time in WWE, Sheamus has built a respectable reputation as being a hard-worker as well as a “good guy,” says The Score. “Sheamus is now very much in fans’ good books, more so with the kids, and is probably the most popular character outside of the big four of John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton and internet sensation Zack Ryder.”

Here, watch Sheamus claim victory at Royal Rumble:

And here, watch Sheamus and Conan O’Brien chat last summer:

Irish WWE champion Sheamus to be joined by another two Irish recruitsGoogle Images