Former world champion Steve Collins has issued a challenge to American legend Roy Jones Jr to get in the ring for a once-off showdown – 18 years after he won the world title.

Now 48, Collins has called out Jones for the fight that just never happened when the two were at the height of their powers.

Collins said: “Roy Jones avoided me when I was at my best, he is fooling himself if he thinks it is safe to mouth off now.

“If Roy Jones thinks that I have gone soft being out of the ring so long he is making a big mistake. Jones has a big mouth, if he has a promoter willing to put it on then call me. I am calling his bluff.”

Jones retorted: “To say I am a coward you have got to be crazy. I ain’t never saying no to fighting him. I never ran from nobody, we can get it on right now. I can’t wait.

“In the right situation I would come to Ireland or the UK.”

Steve Collins