Brian Kelly is keeping it all in the family with his new team at Notre Dame. To no one's surprise the famously loyal coach is going with many of the same men who made his time at Cincinnati so successful. With the exception of Tim Alford there is, thankfully, no holdovers from the Charlie Weis era.

Kelly is doing exactly the right thing, holding together as many of the highly successful team he molded at Cincinnati and also bringing in at least one former colleague from his time at Central Michigan.

Kelly clearly believes that he should not mess with a successful formula and that the new team can quickly blend together at South Bend.

Four assistant coaches from the high successful Bearcats team will be heading to South Bend to take over. Mike Elston will take on defensive line duties for the Irish , Bob Diaco will be defensive coordinator, Charlie Molnar will be wide receivers coach and Tom Hinton will likely running backs coach Earlier Kelly had announced that Greg Martin, a former colleague at Central Michigan State University will be defensive backs coach.

Charlie Molnar and Tim Hinton will also join the Irish coaching staff.

The big question will revolve around Diaco. Notre Dame was woeful defensively this year but so were Cincinnati, so Diaco has a lot to prove. He will be the one hire that will face intense scrutiny at Notre Dame.

Brian Kelly wants to gauge players' commitment levels.