The Spanish press has revealed that Ryan Giggs is the famous footballer who has taken out the super injunction forcing the British media to keep his name out of a sex scandal involving model Imogen Thomas.

But the Spanish newspapers are bound to start flooding United players with questions about the case when Barcelona meet United on May 28th, in the game of the decade, at Wembley Stadium in the European Champions League final.

United have managed to avoid any press pressure up to this point and it has served them well, their clinical dispatch of Chelsea, where Giggs played a leading role, just the latest example.

But Barcelona will be a different matter and the Spanish media will want to make United suffer before the game.

Thus, it is hardly likely that Giggs will be made available but Sir Alex will have to be and the Spanish press will not be shy about needling him.

It will be interesting to see if the tactic will work.

Giggs has played brilliantly through what must be a nightmare scenario for him but if the pressure really comes on about the sex case he may find it more difficult to be at his best.

Anything less than Giggs at his best could cost United against Barcelona - no doubt about that.