For some readers, Robbie Keane's proposed transfer from Tottenham FC to LA Galaxy will be more exciting than when David Beckham moved there a few seasons ago.

The chance to watch the Irish captain play live for Irish Americans based across the country will be a big deal. However for fans at home, and for Keane's career, this is a terrible move.

Should Robbie Keane sign for any MLS club he will be lowering the standards of his opposition. The MLS is not on the same level as even the championship in England.

If Keane doesn't have any other options then the MLS will be a great way for him to finish his career and add to what is already a sizable pension fund. However if Keane has a chance to play for a Premiership relegation candidate or even a Championship club, that would be a better way for him to continue his international career.

With Shane Long getting good time in the Premiership with West Brom and Kevin Doyle entrenched as a starter, the likelihood is Keane would lose his starting place with the team. Whether he is the captain or not, he will not be playing the game at a sufficient pace to be effective internationally.