So, Jimmy Clausen for Heisman, huh? Let’s see, how can I put this simply?  In the words of the ESPN’s Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friends.” 

The stud quarterback of Notre Dame is starting to have his name thrown around more than a beach ball at a music festival.  And for good reason too; the guy lights up defenses like he’s General Washington.  His ball finds the target so frequently, it’s like he’s shooting patriot arrows out of his forearm.

Wait there’s more:  The California dude has been playing with turf toe for the past two games, games in which he conducted two game-winning touchdown drives.  The offense is averaging 33 points per game.  He’s completing 68 percent of his passes and has already thrown for 1,554 yards and 12 touchdowns.  He ranks in the top-five in just about every statistical category for quarterbacks in the country. 

His numbers are there for you to view through the window glass and I can go on all day about them.  But I’m trying to go green and don’t want to squander too much digital paper. 

However (you knew it was coming), here’s the spin.  The Fighting Irish haven’t played anybody good.  And just about every defensive secondary they’ve went against was of high school football caliber.  You may have heard this argument before, but it’s true. 

Notre Dame is 4-1, but their opponents are a combined 10-16. Let’s be honest, they’ve won four games against teams they should’ve beat.  And their loss to Michigan was awful.  Aside, from the Irish, Michigan’s victories have come against teams that are a combined 5-9.  In other words, Michigan is a “nobody!”

The true test for good ol’ boy Jimmy Clausen is next week when USC visits South Bend.


That’s when his Heisman campaign begins.


That’s when he’ll have his chance to prove his worthiness.


That’s when  - and if - I’ll join the choruses calling for Notre Dame’s golden boy to be crowned with college football’s top honor.


The Trojans provide the stiffest test for any quarterback playing against them.  They are the true measuring stick.  If he plays well against USC, and the Irish win, then we’ll get to talkin’.  If he chokes, it’ll be another case of premature hype that college football is famous for. 

Vegas currently has Clausen at a 7-1 to win the Heisman, right behind Texas QB Colt McCoy and Florida QB Tim Tebow. Those two boys are household names, like Betty Crocker and Sarah Lee.  Even my mother knows who Tebow is (really, she does).

I’m just not convinced Clausen is on their level.  Or that he’s the best college football player in the country. 

Not yet.