Rory McIlroy has a real chance of winning the Texas Open

Rory MclIroy made a brave bid at the Texas Open, finishing second, and now looks like he will be a huge contender at the Master.

In fact, I’m predicting he will win it. He will be the comeback kid after a tough opening three months to the year, he is now preparing to shake the critics up again.

Recently he has been the subject of vicious criticism, from everything about spending too much time with his girlfriend, to his new clubs, to his commitment.

Watching him uncork a 349 yard drive on the final hole at San Antonio however, you realize just what an amazing talent he is and how wrong the critics are about him.

He has a natural talent that will define golf for the next decade or so. Though only 5 foot 9, he has a natural power stroke that other golfers can only envy - including Woods

He is a once in a lifetime talent, aged just 23, and with as many majors as Tiger Woods had at his age.

Sure, he has made many young man’s mistake by falling in love in public and making mistakes with the media, but underneath that Huckleberry Finn, ”ah shucks” visage is a fierce and uniquely talented competitor.

That was clear over the last few holes at the Texas Open where McIlroy threw caution to the winds and very nearly came off with the victory.

While the U.S. media remains fixated on Tiger, he is fast approaching the 40 mark and his best days are behind him.

His comeback this year from personal problems which were way overblown in the media has certainly made for good copy. But he will never be the young Tiger who blew away a Masters field during his first victory there in 1997 by 12 strokes.

The same is not true for Rory who has his best years ahead yet.

Expect him to prove it this week by defeating Tiger and everyone else and winning the Masters.