I can't warm to Shaun White.

Why not I hear you say? He is going to be the star of the Winter Olympics, performing that McTwist tonight in front of millions, bringing gold home to America. He's obviously some part Irish with that red hair and name and stuff so what's not to like.
I dunno. There is just something about him.
Maybe because every move has been planned out since he was six years old --he had his first sponsor at 7 -- and he had an agent as a young teenager in a sport that lives on its counter culture reputation. he made $8 million last year, drives a Lamborghini and seems to put nothing back into the sport
Maybe it is the fact that I have never seen an interview with him where he does not come across as a vapid young man, in love with himself, not his sport.
Or maybe it's just that half pipe strikes me as an overgrown kids sport, not worthy of the Olympics, and this clearly immature surfer dude young man epitomizes that.
And that's why I don't like Shaun White.