“Everyone who knows me knows that I have been looking forward to the Irish Open on my home course ever since it was announced. I will really be raring to go.Everyone in Northern Ireland is counting down the hours for this championship to start and I’m one of them.”

“I’m very proud of my Irish heritage and I’ve wanted to represent them in the Irish national championship. Also, Graeme and Darren both have told me what a fabulous layout Portrush is, so I’m doubly excited about the opportunity to compete there.”

“I came close to winning the North of Ireland Amateur Open there a fair few times but never quite managed it, so to win the first Irish Open to be held in Northern Ireland in my lifetime would be very special. It's my favourite golf course in the world."

“Having lived and grown up in Portrush all my life, it’s definitely a dream come true and I’m going to be very proud to welcome The European Tour to my neck of the woods.  I’d love to win it. To win the Irish Open at Royal Portrush would be right up there with a Major Championship.”

“It would be incredible to win. I haven’t played competitively at Royal Portrush since 2005, so to go back there and have the chance to win my National Open is something that is very, very important to me. Hopefully I can give it a real good go this year.”