Brian Kelly is committed to winning. When Kelly came from the University of Cincinnati he brought with him a spread offensive but will this mean Notre Dame should expect to run the ball less?

"You can't win unless you run the ball,'' Kelly told the Chicago Sun-Times. ''If you just throw it, you're not going to win all your games.

"We're here to win all our games. I don't know if anybody knew that. We're here to win them all. And to win your games, you have to run the ball.''

Senior running Armando Allen Jr. feels that Kelly's new plans make sense. He said "'I really don't think it will change my role on offense… role is basically to go out there and give it all I've got, 110 percent, whether we run or pass the ball.''

This should give the Fighting Irish a good strong backfield and mixing that ability and agility senior running Robert Hughes style could make an interesting combination.

"'I'll be more than happy to do whatever Coach asks from me…I'll do whatever to help my teammates win and to go out with a bang my senior year," said Hughes.

These fresh plans should come as a welcome changes to loyal Notre Dame fans who have hung in there over the last seasons.